Electric Fields

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    F q k.Ä•Q/d2 —Ä—


Visualizing the Electric Fields



Comparing Electrostatics & Gravity

  • Gravity only attracts

  • Electrostatics attract and repel

    Electrostatics Force: F kqga Field Strength: E = —C Field Strength:
E = Electrostatic Constant: k 8.99\*109 Charge Units: Coulombs Gravity
Force: Fg = Field Strength: g Field Strength: g = —r -6.67\*10-112$
Gravitational Constant: G — Mass Units: kilograms

Charge Densities

Useful idea: charge density Line of charge: charge per unit length X
 Sheet of charge: charge per unit area o Volume of charge: charge per
 unit volume — p p = Q/V

Practice Question 1

Find the electric field at the origin due to the three charges shown
 in the diagram. — o, -z.eo > 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 o É.m.r= < 0
 a-Z.qwoY-7.95.1DY, O -7.ts•'0 10 6 78 9

Practice Question 2

Determine the x-coordinate where the electric field is zero using
 the diagram below. Cll.) z TOT - — 1 r:q.sc z. —l.qqw

Practice Question 3

A thin insulating semicircle of charge Q with radius R is centered
 around point C. Determine the electric field at point C due to the
 semicircle of charge. c

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Practice Question 4

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  • Find the electric field a distance d from a long straight insulating rod of length L at point P perpendicular to the wire and eduidistant from each end of the wire if the wire is uniformly charged

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  • What if the line is infinitely

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  • What is the E field if the distance d is

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Practice Question 4

Find the electric field at a point on the axis (perpendicular to the
 ring) of a thin insulating ring of radius R that is uniformly charged.
 g g- x RdO z

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  • C:\\266298A5\\73477446-49B2-471B-AFDD-BCD03931DCDD\_files\\image043.png

Practice Question 5

Find the electric field due to a uniformly charged insulating disk
 of radius R at a point P perpendicular to the disk as shown in the

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Practice Question 6

Find the electric field due to a finite uniformly charged rod of
 length L lying on its side at some distance d away from the end of the
 rod. d

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