Maxwell's Equations

Gauss's Law Gauss's Law for Magnetism É.di— enc -.di=O i3.di
 Faraday's Law Ampere's Law closed dt open surface f j.dl closed loop

Revisiting Ampere's Law

  • Ampere's Law as written allows us to calculate the magnetic field due to an electric current.

  • We also know that a changing electric field produces a magnetic field

  • Combine effects of electric current and changing E field on magnetic field to obtain a more complete version of Ampere's Law

  • Contribution due to the penetrating current is known a conduction current.

    dool pasop 0 = IP•g

  • Contribution due to changing electric field is known as the displacement current

    dd)E = dt closed loop dt open surface

  • Final Ampere's Law

    dd)E dt closed

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