Question 2

  • Electric Field of a Uniformly Charged Wire

    charged wire gaussian surface

  • C:\\266298A5\\73477446-49B2-471B-AFDD-BCD03931DCDD\_files\\image593.png

  • C:\\266298A5\\73477446-49B2-471B-AFDD-BCD03931DCDD\_files\\image594.png

  • C:\\266298A5\\73477446-49B2-471B-AFDD-BCD03931DCDD\_files\\image595.png

Question 9

c As charging progresses, Vb=1R+— current decreases and charge
 increases. At vc=o -r/ RC Charge on -'IRC Charging current 1-+0 6

Question 31

2R •

  • What is the magnitude of the magnetic field at the surface of the outer conductor?

  • C:\\266298A5\\73477446-49B2-471B-AFDD-BCD03931DCDD\_files\\image598.png

  • C:\\266298A5\\73477446-49B2-471B-AFDD-BCD03931DCDD\_files\\image599.png

  • C:\\266298A5\\73477446-49B2-471B-AFDD-BCD03931DCDD\_files\\image600.png

Question 32

1 A long wire of radius R carries a current I, as shown above, with
 a current density J = ar that increases linearly with the distance r
 from the center of the wire. Which of the following graphs best
 represents the magnitude of the magnetic field B as a function r ?

  • C:\\266298A5\\73477446-49B2-471B-AFDD-BCD03931DCDD\_files\\image602.png

    • C:\\266298A5\\73477446-49B2-471B-AFDD-BCD03931DCDD\_files\\image603.png

    • C:\\266298A5\\73477446-49B2-471B-AFDD-BCD03931DCDD\_files\\image604.png

    • C:\\266298A5\\73477446-49B2-471B-AFDD-BCD03931DCDD\_files\\image605.png

  • C:\\266298A5\\73477446-49B2-471B-AFDD-BCD03931DCDD\_files\\image606.png

    • C:\\266298A5\\73477446-49B2-471B-AFDD-BCD03931DCDD\_files\\image607.png

    • C:\\266298A5\\73477446-49B2-471B-AFDD-BCD03931DCDD\_files\\image608.png

    • C:\\266298A5\\73477446-49B2-471B-AFDD-BCD03931DCDD\_files\\image609.png

Question 33

Р) 10V (А) CHARGED —10V (В) DISCHARGING (4) с с

Does the direction of the current change when the capacitor goes
 from charging to discharging? Yes. When a capacitor is charging,
 current flows towards the positive plate (as positive charge is added
 to that plate) and away from the negative plate. When the capacitor is
 discharging, current flows away from the positive and towards the
 negative plate, in the opposite direction.

Question 34

  • Gauss's Law for Magnetism

    • The total magnetic flux through any closed surface is zero

    • This would not be true if magnetic monopoles were found to exist

    • C:\\266298A5\\73477446-49B2-471B-AFDD-BCD03931DCDD\_files\\image612.png

Question 35

Inductor current cannot change instantaneously i(0 ) i(0 ) i(0)e
 time constant T Capacitor voltage cannot change instantaneously v(0 )
 v(0 ) v(t) v(0)e time constant T = RC

Resonant Frequency Formula where 'f' = frequency in hertz 'L' =
 inductance in henrys 'C' = capacitance in farads The formula also
 holds true if used with the units of megahertz. microhemies and
 microfarads and many other combinations of units.

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