Question 2

Figure 25.2 A uniform electric field directed along the positive x
 axis. Point B is at a lower electric potential than point A. Points B
 and C are at the same electric ten tial.

A uniform electric field of magnitude 250 V/m is directed in the
 positive x direction. A +12.0 pc charge moves from the origin to the
 point (x,y) = (20.0 cm, 50.0 cm). (a) What is the change in the
 potential energy of the charge-filed system? (b) Through what
 potential difference does the charge move? E = zsov/m APE E x x . -zom
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Question 3

  • Solid conducting mettalic sphere and hollow sphere are same as charge resides on the outer surface of the sphere.

  • Inside the sphere, field is zero. Outside the sphere, it behaves as a point charge placed at the centre of sphere.

  • But the case of non-conducting sphere is different.

  • Whole charge doesn't move to surface. Inside the sphere it is directly proportional to distance from centre. Outside it behaves as point charge at centre of sphere.

    Inside sphere Inside sphere Outside sphere Outside sphere

Question 5

Positive Charging Discharged Negative Charging

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